For every school term there are certain essentials you can’t live without.

That's where our Squeaky Clean products can help. Not only do they leave little ones' hair shiny and healthy-looking, our 3in1 Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray also help to prevent head lice.

That's one thing off your mind!

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You Asked, We Answered

You asked, we answered. If you've got a question about anything related
to preventing head lice, just ask us via

Stephen asked:

How do some children get head lice and some don't? I have four kids and my first two had them but my other two never.

Hello Stephen,

<p>Unfortunately there is no simple answer as there are so many variables such as environment and age. Our research shows that 63% of primary school children have had head lice, so not every single child is affected.</p>

Teatree x

Stacey asked:

If my child gets head lice, do I need to check the pets as well?

Hello Stacey,

Thanks for the great question. The answer is nope, human head lice cannot survive on pets!
But they can affect humnas of alls ages, so if you get a head lice alert, be sure to check the whole family.

Citronella x

Dee asked:

Do head lice only live in the hair?

Hello Dee,

Thanks for your great question! The answer is yes - head lice need the human body in order to live. They generally can't survive more than a couple of days off the body and cannot live in the hair of pets either.

Citronella x

Sally asked:

Why do head lice only live on the head?

Hello Sally,

Head lice like living on scalps because they survive by biting into our skin and feeding off the blood!

Citronella x

Bealieu asked:

Do head lice prefer dirty hair over clean hair?

Hello Bealieu,

Thanks for the great question. This is actually a common myth and head lice like clean and dirty hair!

Teatree x

Lisa asked:

Does putting hair in plaits or a pony tail act as prevention?

Hello Lisa,

Keeping hair tied back can definitely help to prevent head lice, but we also recommend using our shampoo and spray plus doing regular detection combing, to be really sure.

Teatree x

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