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We’ve learnt a fair few things about children’s hair care over the years.

Here are some helpful tips...

You Asked, We Answered

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Louise asked:

Can head lice jump?

Hello Louise,

It may come as a surprise that head lice can't jump! They can only spread by crawling during head to head contact.

Teatree x

Jazz asked:

Do you need two head lice to have baby head lice?

Hello Jazz,

Yes, a male and female mate and then within one day the female will lay her eggs!

Citronella x

Carlene asked:

Should I get in a routine now checking everyday? Or is once a week enough?

Hello Carlene,

We suggest visually checking the hair line after every wash and detection combing once a week, unless there's an outbreak in which case it will need to be more frequent.

Citronella x

Jazz asked:

How often do I need to check my childrens' hair for head lice?

Hello Jazz,

We would recommend checking childrens' hairline after every wash, and then doing detection combing every week if possible!

Citronella x

Sally asked:

Why do head lice only live on the head?

Hello Sally,

Head lice like living on scalps because they survive by biting into our skin and feeding off the blood!

Citronella x

Stacey asked:

If my child gets head lice, do I need to check the pets as well?

Hello Stacey,

Thanks for the great question. The answer is nope, human head lice cannot survive on pets!
But they can affect humnas of alls ages, so if you get a head lice alert, be sure to check the whole family.

Citronella x