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We’ve learnt a fair few things about children’s hair care over the years.

Here are some helpful tips...

You Asked, We Answered

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Helen asked:

Is there a time of year when kids are at more risk of catching head lice?

Hello Helen,

Interesting question! Generally, we see more reports when schools go back. Also, when the weather is humid head lice spread more easily.

Citronella x

Tammy asked:

If my daughter catches head lice, how do I check myself ?

Hello Tammy,

In an ideal world, you would ask someone else to check your hair for you. Nit comb your hair and ensure you have a white towel on your shoulders/ground to see if head lice are falling. If you find them, then do treat your hair!

Teatree x

Sally asked:

Why do head lice only live on the head?

Hello Sally,

Head lice like living on scalps because they survive by biting into our skin and feeding off the blood!

Citronella x

Emma asked:

How short does hair need to be for head lice to not be interested?

Hello Emma,

Head lice can live on hair at least 1cm long, so it needs to be pretty short to deter them. Hope that helps :)

Citronella x

Carlene asked:

Should I get in a routine now checking everyday? Or is once a week enough?

Hello Carlene,

We suggest visually checking the hair line after every wash and detection combing once a week, unless there's an outbreak in which case it will need to be more frequent.

Citronella x

Kelly asked:

Once your children have lice are they likely to live in soft furnishings (like fleas) or only on the body?

Hello Kelly,

This is a very common question!

Head lice need the human body to live. They can't survive more than a couple of days off the body, so soft furnishings don't need to be treated.

Teatree x