With the new school year approaching, if you're faced with an ever growing to do list the last thing you need is the worry of head lice!

That's why our Squeaky Clean products are here to help. Not only do they leave little ones' hair shiny and healthy-looking, our 3in1 Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray also help to prevent head lice.

That's one thing you can tick off your list!

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Sound familiar?

Whether it's midway through the summer holidays or the first day back at school, sometimes things just don't quite go to plan and all you want is that litte victory. How many of these moments can you relate to?

You Asked, We Answered

You asked, we answered. If you've got a question about anything related
to preventing head lice, just ask us via

Carlene asked:

Should I get in a routine now checking everyday? Or is once a week enough?

Hello Carlene,

We suggest visually checking the hair line after every wash and detection combing once a week, unless there's an outbreak in which case it will need to be more frequent.

Citronella x

Amy asked:

Is it true that spraying hair with hairspray stops them from getting head lice?

Hello Amy,

Unfortunately standard hairspray does not contain any ingredients that are natural head lice repellents. We would therefore recommend using our Squeaky Clean 3in1 Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray, which both help to prevent head lice.

Citronella x

Katie May asked:

How can I make using a nit comb less pully?

Hello Katie May,

Here's our top tips! Start with a good conditioner and wide toothed comb to detangle hair. Then, when your child is sitting comfortably, use clips to section off hair to make it easier to comb through. Give them something to watch or play with while you do this to keep them entertained!

Citronella x

Kelly asked:

Once your children have lice are they likely to live in soft furnishings (like fleas) or only on the body?

Hello Kelly,

This is a very common question!

Head lice need the human body to live. They can't survive more than a couple of days off the body, so soft furnishings don't need to be treated.

Teatree x

Jazz asked:

How often do I need to check my childrens' hair for head lice?

Hello Jazz,

We would recommend checking childrens' hairline after every wash, and then doing detection combing every week if possible!

Citronella x

Sally asked:

Why do head lice only live on the head?

Hello Sally,

Head lice like living on scalps because they survive by biting into our skin and feeding off the blood!

Citronella x

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