10 Tips For Buying Shampoo

Boss bath time and give your kids the best start for healthy hair and scalp by choosing the right children’s shampoo! It’s a bamboozling marketplace, but try our 10 tips for tear-free tots with tip-top hair…


1. Our children’s skin is more delicate than our own. And irritated skin can make for an even more irritated child! That’s why we have developed our Gentle to Skin range, which is dermatologically tested and paraben free.

2. Don’t make hair washing a chore or a punishment. Make it another opportunity for playtime with Vosene Kids’ colourful packaging and kids characters. Help their imagination grow.

3. Keep your eyes peeled for a children’s shampoo that contains vitamin C! It is effective at leaving young hair feeling cared for and looking good. Try Vosene Kids Pink Pomelo & Vitamin C 2 in 1 Shampoo.

4. Tangles and knots lead to teary tots. Avoid the stress of combing a big bird’s nest by choosing a shampoo designed to help-ease tangles. Try Vosene Kids Pink Pomelo & Vitamin C 2 in 1 Shampoo.

5. Let your child choose a fruity shampoo fragrance to keep them smiling at bath time! A fresh fruit fragrance adds to the sensory experience of bath time and offers a stimulating alternative to boring soapy smells.

6. Don’t make work for yourself by washing hair too often – two to three times a week should do the trick. That’s why it’s a smart move to buy a shampoo that leaves hair super clean and smelling freshfor longer.

7. Make sure your child has clean and conditioned hair and save yourself time by using 2 in 1 children’s shampoo and conditioner formulas such as the Vosene Kids Fruity Goodness range. Yet another little victory for parents.

8. The formulations in the Vosene Kids family are all dermatologically tested giving you peace of mind for your little ones.

9. Most kids hate getting shampoo in their eyes – and who can blame them? Some children’s shampoos have no-tears formulations, which can help. For extra care, encourage little ones to tilt their head back and keep their eyes closed whilst you lather those locks.

10. It’s important to choose gentle, lightweight products as these will clean and condition your child’s hair without weighing it down and making it look dull and lifeless.


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