Follow these 6 simple steps to help make your little one’s mane a no-go area for head lice!

  1. Make it harder for the nasties to get into the swing of things by keeping long hair tied back.
  2. Head lice usually jump ship during play time when heads are close, so ask your little ones to avoid games that involve head-to-head contact.
  3. After every wash, check for eggs at the front of the head, behind the ears and at the nape of the neck – eggs may be hiding away at the base of the hair shaft.
  4. Arm yourself with the essentials at bath time. Lather up your little one’s locks, then apply Vosene Kids Spray. It’ll help detangle their hair with an added bonus of helping to keep head lice at bay.
  5. Once a week, and if you get the dreaded ‘nit alert’ from school, become an inspector and carry out a detection comb. It’s not always possible to stop creepy crawlies taking a liking to your little one’s hair, but spotting early signs of their arrival can stop any new lice families getting too comfortable.
  6. You can distract your own troublemaker with some favourite music or a toy while you hunt.