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How to help prevent head lice

When nasty critters set up camp in your child’s hair it can be a frustrating process trying to eliminate them. But fear not, we can help you with your challenge. So what steps can you take to stop them invading hair in the first place and what should you do if you receive that dreaded head lice letter from school??

How can we make other parents check and treat their children’s hair?

This is always a tricky one, as no parent likes to think of their little cherub having creepy crawlies feasting on their head and spreading them to other children. It’s incredibly frustrating when people say, ‘Well, I’ve checked little Jonny’s hair and can’t see any nits’. Maybe next time you hear this, subtly point out that most lice can only be detected after a good old comb rather than by the human eye. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t spring them into action there’s not much else you can do.

If you do notice that your child has nits, inform their school or nursery immediately. Chances are they will send out a letter to the whole class prompting parents to thoroughly check hair for signs of niggling nits.

Here at Vosene Kids, we believe prevention is better than cure and try to encourage parents to take head lice seriously before infestation kicks in. This means regular bathtime checks and using Vosene Kids preventative Lice Repellent products to keep critters at bay. If we all work together to shout about this simple message, we’ll soon get the lousy lice under control. Here’s hoping.

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