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VS Head Lice

What are head lice?

When nasty critters set up camp in your child’s hair it can be a frustrating process trying to eliminate them. But fear not, we can help you with your challenge. So what steps can you take to stop them invading hair in the first place and what should you do if you receive that dreaded head lice letter from school?

How prevalent are head lice?

Remember when every school had a nit nurse and childhood was much simpler? Sadly this isn’t a luxury most schools have any more, so it’s down to us parents to eradicate the head lice and show them who’s boss. We know you can do it!

Head lice have been around for as long as humans have existed. They are definitely not a sign of poor hygiene in children or dirty hair, just an incredibly common part of childhood. In a recent survey conducted by Vosene, over 63% of parents we spoke to with 4-11-year-olds said their child had suffered from head lice at some point in their life. So it’s down to us to get them under control and free our children’s hair of nasty nits – let the battle commence.

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